Learning Specials

Chinese Studies

I have learned more characters and sentences throughout all the Chinese lessons I have taken, memorizing words used to be a pain, but now it seems to be easier with all the other words I have used before, it is easier to memorize them if you see them.


In Art classes, I learned how colors work and how they mix with others, I learned even how to stitch and measure self portraits just by your hand. We have done many mixes of projects and tiles throughout the year, I have much more artistic background.


I learned more notes on the xylophone and more short tunes, I already know how to play saxophone and going to study for the 5th level, but never played on xylophone much, it has helped my train my reflexes.


In P.E. I have done a lot of running around and games. Games like floor hockey and Basketball get me to run after the puck or ball and help me keep my arms stronger when shooting of hitting the puck.


In counseling lessons, I learned how to control anger and how to stand up to bullies, it has been useful, I have tried it and it has worked to help others with their bully problems.

Learning Story

Learning Story

For my goals that are on my Google website, I completed most of my goals, on my writing, I plan much better than before, but I still haven't completed the entire writing goal. The goal was to have at least 4 pieces of writing or plans before I started, but I only had 2. That is a goal I need to continue on. For my reading, I haven't read to my sister much at home so I think I need to continue on that goal but on my summaries, I had more detailed ones that are longer and more descriptive than the ones at the start of the year and 4th grade. So I still have to continue my goal on reading aloud, I am pretty sure when I am reading out loud, it is a little hard to hear because I sometimes mumble. For my Math goal, I said to have 2 partners to check my work and understand my work, but I don't think I paired up much, and if I did, I only did it with one person, but I think the one person that did read mine did understand, but I still need to work on it.

I had some challenges over the year and most of them were somehow tied to writing, I had a little trouble with describing a character in a book summary at the beginning of the year. But now, I have little trouble describing them as I have learned a lot more describing words that help a lot. The other problem that I had was developing characters because I had trouble describing the character in a way that would fit the story well. I've improved but I can't really say that I've improved enough to be very good at it.

Learning Story