Factor Captor

Factor Captor

The reason I like about the game Factor Captor is because it makes you familiar with factors and prime numbers. I like the way the game is scored and how you can only use the same number once. It really makes me think a lot. I liked using the biggest prime numbers on the board since they had only two factors, 1 and itself. If you chose 2 which is a prime number, then your opponent would get 1 since 1 is a factor of 2, you only gain 1 point, so you might as well use 10.

Making an array might help you find some factors when your opponent chooses a big number since you can count the array's rows and columns to find two of the number's factors. If you continue to make more arrays for the same number without using the same factor twice, you can find all the factors of the number of dots in the array.

In the pages 2-28 in my math journal, my favorite exercise was finding the divisibility rules for each number. It made dividing big numbers easy. I learned that if the numbers digits added up to a multiple of 3 or 9, the entire number is divisible by 3 or 9 depending on which number the digits could be divisible by. I also learned that if the last two digits are divisible by four, the entire number is divisible by four. Lastly, I learned that if the number is divisible by 2 and 3, the number is divisible by 6.

Best and Worse Subjects

My Best Subject

At school, my favorite subject is math since it really is easy and it is pretty useful in the real world, it feels good to impress your teachers you know. For math, I pretty much knew most of the things that I was taught so far in 5th grade, it was sort of like a review. Math time is like a break for my6 mind since I don't think so much because I know the things my teacher teaches. I just have to breeze through the questions and then relax and wait for the next assignment. Math is the subject that I don't need much work on but writing...

My Worst Subject

My worst subject at school is writing. It kind of stumps me how the teachers have to continuously tell me to revise and edit. I'm fine with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The thing I'm not good at is revising and drafting. The reason I am not good at revising is because I don't really want to change my ideas. I mean, my drafting is ok not too bad, but when it is time for revising, I just sit there and wait the entire time for the next recess. And another thing, I would be better off if it was silent in the classroom because if I am doing nothing, I get easily distracted and may talk to a friend, if there is music, I might get too caried aff and listen to the music instead. As a result, I need a lot of work on my writing skills.